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Seeking Volunteer Hours for High School graduation?

Convenient Solution For Accumulating Community Hours.

High school students in Ontario need to complete 40 hours of volunteer service before graduation. Good Deeds provides a remote and convenient solution for accumulating your community hours.

How it Works

Step 1




Begin your journey by searching for a specific item or service. Utilize our intuitive filters to narrow down your options swiftly. Sort categories by Deed Dollar value, location, and relevant keywords to find exactly what you need, effortlessly.

Narrow your search for a specific item or service with our user-friendly filters. Sort categories by Deed Dollar value, location, and keyword(s) to find what you need in no time.



Found something you desire? Take action by reaching out to the generous giver. Simply click the "contact" button and utilize our secure messaging system to arrange the details of your exchange. Forge connections, fulfill your wishes, and embrace the transformative power of giving and receiving.

Found something you wanted? Hit the giver's "contact" button and arrange the details of your exchange via our secure messaging system.

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Step 3




Exchange your Deed Dollars for the desired item or service. Solidify the process by reaching an agreement with the seller. Once both parties are in sync, savor the fulfillment of your gift. Embrace the joy of receiving and let gratitude fill your heart!

Exchange your Deed Dollars for the requested item or service. Complete the process by having both parties agree to the exchange. Enjoy your gift!

Need more credits?

Here are 3 simple ways to earn exclusive Deed Dollars:


List an item or service on the marketplace


Donate to one of our Charity partners and Good Deeds will match your contribution in Deed Dollars.


Invite your friends and get 10 Deed Dollars

How do we make money?

Paid Subscription

Unleash the force of good. Our paid subscriptions empower credible organizations in their quest for volunteers and vital donations.


Empower change through powerful partnerships. Ad fees from our dedicated corporate allies fuel our mission to create a better world.

Fueling the spirit of giving. Good Deeds thrives on the generosity of our community. Donations flow freely, making a direct impact. Our subscribers power our platform, ensuring it remains vibrant and user-friendly. Together, we cultivate a haven of kindness where we all pay it forward.

Calling all Charities and NPO’s:
Need donations or volunteers?


Calling all Charities and NPO’s: Need donations or volunteers?

Unleash the potential of impact. Discover how Good Deeds amplifies charitable donations and maximizes cost savings for your organization. Unlock a world of diverse, dedicated volunteers, both skilled and unskilled, poised to join your noble cause.

Learn more about how Good Deeds can help increase charitable donations, and save your organization money by matching you with a wide range of skilled or unskilled volunteers.

Hear What Our Partners and Users Have to Say

I was initially skeptical about a platform for giving. After trying it for a few days, I realized how user-friendly it was. I recommended Good Deeds to my daughter so she could round up her 40 hours of community service without the fuss. She loved it.


Laina Mercer

Barrie, Ontario

Good Deeds is simply perfect for someone like me who’s always looking for the next opportunity to help out. It was just the thing to bond with my son while we engaged in social work as a collective unit. Give it a try if you’re a volunteer with lots to give!


Jake Masic

Brampton, Ontario

Our experience with Good Deeds has been nothing short of amazing. The partnership redefined the donation and volunteering process, setting the stage for new fundraising possibilities. We truly look forward to many more good years with Good Deeds.


Abe Evreniadis

Geneva Centre for Autism


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